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Defense against arson and insurance fraud charges
As fire departments report an increase in business fires, insurance companies are on a witch-hunt to find proof that fires were not the result of unsafe wiring or heating systems. Commercial property owners are coming under increased scrutiny. Rather than being compensated for the financial loss, a building owner may find him or herself facing an accusation of burning down the building for the insurance money.

The result of this trend has been innocent people accused of arson and fire crimes, conspiracy to commit arson and insurance fraud. If you are under investigation for arson or have been charged with arson or willful destruction of your property for the purposes of committing insurance fraud, Campbell & Campbell can help.

Chattanooga defense firm can help you
Facing criminal charges is stressful. We are here to protect your rights. We do everything possible to help you avoid a conviction and the harsh sentence that can result. We have a successful track record of representing clients in product liability cases involving:
•    Arson
•    Willful destruction of property
•    Insurance claims fraud
•    Conspiracy to commit fraud
•    Third-party accomplice

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